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If you have a substance abuse problem, specialist drug addiction treatment offers the best hope of freeing yourself and regaining your health. Committing to treatment is the vital first step, and Brian Carty, MD, MSPH, of Carty Addiction and Internal Medicine Clinic in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is there to help. Dr. Carty is a leading addiction specialist providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for patients with drug addiction problems, so take that first step today by calling the clinic or booking an appointment online.


Drug Addiction Treatment Q & A

What drug addiction treatments are available?

The most effective treatment for your drug addiction depends on what you’re addicted to and any other mental or physical health problems you have. Drug addiction isn’t curable, but with expert help and support, you can overcome an addiction to drugs.

At Carty Addiction and Internal Medicine Clinic, patients benefit from medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs that successfully help addicts to reduce and ultimately quit their drug intake altogether.

MAT programs are the most effective way of treating drug addiction, as they make use of both talking therapies and medication to help you through withdrawal. There are two key types of treatments you might receive as part of your MAT program: medication and counseling.

How does medication help with drug addiction treatment?

To lessen the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, you take a medication called Suboxone®, which contains buprenorphine and naloxone that decrease the cravings typical of drug withdrawal and reduce physical dependency.

Withdrawal therapy or detoxification is the first stage of your drug addiction treatment. The aim is for you to safely stop taking the drug to which you’re addicted, with a minimum of unpleasant side effects. The MAT program enables patients to complete this phase as outpatients, visiting the clinic daily for their treatment.

How does counseling help with drug addiction treatment?

Counseling and behavior therapy are essential tools in successful recovery from drug addiction. Your provider helps you identify triggers for cravings and find ways to cope when a craving strikes. Dr. Carty provides advice on ways to avoid a relapse and what to do if you do have one, and talk through any problems and stressors in your life.

Most patients benefit from including their close family members at some sessions, as well as having individual therapy and, when appropriate, attending group therapy sessions.

Self-help support groups like Narcotics Anonymous can also give you valuable support from people who understand your struggles, having been there themselves. Carty Addiction and Internal Medicine Clinic can provide you with contact details for local groups.

If you have a drug addiction problem or are concerned about a loved one and want to learn more about drug addiction treatments, call Carty Addiction and Internal Medicine Clinic today, or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.

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